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Cigna Global 2022 : Premiums and Benefits

Cigna Global 2022 : Premiums and Benefits

Cigna Global 2022 : Premiums and Benefits - One of the Indonesian life insurance providers with operations in 30 other nations is Cigna Global Insurance. Cigna insurance's goods and services are also well-known for going straight to customers and business partners.

The reason is that, depending on the categories in which they fall, Cigna insurance offers a sizable number of products. Now, read the discussion that follows to learn more about Cigna health insurance.

The Best Option for Cigna Health Insurance 

Health insurance and life insurance are only a couple of the many products where Cigna Indonesia specializes. The top health insurance plans from Cigna Indonesia are listed below.

Medical Insurance

Cigna Indonesia offers a variety of health insurance options that can be chosen based on individual requirements. Health insurance options offered by Cigna include:

The Cigna EaziHealth health insurance policy covers hospitalization and operation expenditures with a cashless reimbursement approach. Cigna Family Care Optima is a health insurance plan offered by Cigna that offers cashless services and premium return advantages. It can insure up to five individuals.

Cigna Family Care is a health insurance plan offered by Cigna that offers cashless claims simplicity and coverage for up to five people at a time.

A Cigna health insurance plan called Cigna Premium Health Protection offers thorough coverage for both domestic and foreign hospitals.

A Cigna health insurance policy called Cigna Proteksi Sehat Optima offers ease with a cashless claim system that is available throughout the Admedika hospital network and a premium return of 50% every three years.

Cigna Proteksi Sehat is a health insurance plan from Cigna that uses a cashless method to pay for hospitalization and surgery in the network of AdMedika partner hospitals.

Cigna Health Protection is a health insurance plan that comes with a 25% bonus on the total cost of the premiums, as well as coverage for medical costs caused by illness or accident.

A health insurance plan offered by Cigna called Care and Save covers ICU expenses in addition to hospitalization expenses brought on by either disease or accident.

An extra Cigna health insurance plan called Cigna Infinite HealthCare offers features such as hospital cost reimbursement in accordance with the bill or as charged.

Cigna Medical Pro is a health insurance plan that covers both outpatient and inpatient costs for people who are insured at age 18 or older.

A Cigna health insurance plan called Cigna Global Health Indonesia offers health care benefits coverage abroad.

Protection from Serious Illness

Critical illness insurance is Cigna Indonesia's second-best health insurance option. Please be aware that there are two varieties of critical illness insurance, specifically:

Cigna's Family Proteksi Optima critical illness insurance plan offers protection from 10 critical illnesses and up to a 50% premium discount for family members.

Cigna for Your Serenity, specifically Cigna's critical illness insurance policy, offers protection against 10 critical illnesses for a monthly cost and includes death benefits.

Insurance for Groups (Employees) 

Employee or group insurance is the final category of Cigna insurance. The product is called Cigna Active Pro Health, which has the benefit of not requiring a medical examination or MCU.

Cigna Insurance Products' Advantages

Of course, there are differences between the advantages of these various Cigna cashless health insurance products. Still, it is possible to say that Cigna's cashless health insurance will have long-term benefits such as:

Safeguard worldwide Global coverage is the first advantage of Cigna's cashless health insurance. This means that if you have an insurance plan from Cigna, you can use it for medical care both at home and abroad.

Superior health insurance options from Cigna, including Cigna Global Health and Cigna Premium Health Protection, can offer protection on a global scale. These two insurance policies are examples of worldwide health insurance that can protect you and your loved ones whether you're in Indonesia or another country.

up to tens of millions of dollars in benefits. The ability to receive rewards up to tens of millions of dollars is one of the advantages of choosing Cigna Global health insurance. Benefits might range from Rp. 90 million to Rp. 760 million in value.

low-cost premium priceThe average Cigna policy has reasonable costs for health insurance. For instance, you can purchase the Cigna Care and Save and Cigna Health protection goods for a total of Rp. 75,000.

You can already take advantage of a number of perks with this reasonably priced health insurance fee. 

There are allowances for hospital bills, discounts on premiums for a spouse, discounts on annual premiums, and doctor consultations for second opinions.

Cigna Insurance Claim 

Not only is the price quite reasonable, but it is also simple to claim Cigna health insurance premiums. However, there are four things you need to be sure of before filing an insurance claim.

Verify that the suggested protection health insurance policy is still in effect first. Second, file an insurance premium claim no later than 30 days following the incident.

After that, finish the initial claim form and bring any additional supporting documentation. Finally, only original information may be included on the claim form. However, copies that have been legally endorsed may be included in any supporting documentation.

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