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Best Cloud Hosting Recommendations

Cloud Hosting 

Best Cloud Hosting Recommendations. Cloud hosting is believed to have advantages compared to conventional hosting. Using cloud hosting is said to be able to prevent the website from being down or inaccessible to visitors because it has many backup servers.

If you are looking for the best cloud hosting, please refer to the reviews we have collected below.

The Best Cloud Hosting List

Below will be explained some of the best cloud hosting services from within and also abroad.

1. IdcloudHost

For website owners, you can use hosting from IDCloudHost. All services provided are very diverse, including dedicated servers, virtual private servers, and cloud hosting. IDCloudHost is also ready to increase website traffic for beginners who want to build a quality website.

There are many features and services available in IDCloudHost. Of course, the website rarely goes down and is easily accessible, even though there are many visitors. Because IDCloudHost provides unlimited bandwidth capacity, which is large enough to accommodate all website data,

Regarding the price, IDCloudHost is unquestionable. There are many attractive promotions and discounts for every purchase made. Discounts are given up to 25% with free domains as long as hosting is still in use. Many users are satisfied and happy with IDCloudHost's services.

3. Ardetamedia

Ardetamedia can be another web hosting option that you can use. Besides being affordable, this hosting provides attractive disk space and bandwidth. By using this hosting, website traffic will increase, and more benefits will be obtained. Ardetamedia is very suitable for beginners, especially online business people.

With a large disk space, you don't have to worry if there are many website visitors. The hosting server already has enough space to accommodate a lot of data and visitors. Ardetamedia also provides unlimited bandwidth and is ready to build a large website.

Ardetamedia provides a 30-day guarantee if you experience problems or problems due to hosting. When problems occur within the warranty period, Ardetamedia will overcome them to the maximum. so that your business is more professional and reliable to attract potential customers.

In addition to providing web hosting and domains, you can also upgrade hosting at a later date. Hosting upgrade from Ardetamedia, namely dedicated hosting with various interesting features that can be enjoyed easily. With Ardetamedia, your website will be of higher quality and attract more visitors.

2. Exabytes Indonesia

Next up is Exabytes Indonesia, which is a subsidiary of the Exabytes Group. This provider provides satisfactory and quality web hosting services. Exabytes Indonesia is one of the best web hosting companies in Indonesia that has been widely used so far.

The quality of the servers provided is very satisfying, even though they are priced quite cheaply. All the products offered have attractive advantages without requiring a lot of money. Because Exabytes Group is located in Malaysia and Singapore,

Exabytes Indonesia not only provides servers at attractive prices. You can enjoy a free domain through this hosting. This is what makes many customers interested in Exabytes Indonesia web hosting. In addition to free domains, there are also paid domains at affordable prices that do not drain the benefits.

3. Blue Host

In addition to domestic hosting, many hot web providers from abroad are recommended. One of them is Blue Host, a popular host with undoubted quality. Blue Host is highly recommended for building a quality website. Even the security provided is very high for maintaining your website.

The security features in Blue Host have three layers, namely Spam Hammer, Spam Expert, and Apache Spam Assassin. In addition, Blue Host also provides SSH to increase the security of your website. Until now, Blue Host has been the best and most widely used web host provider.

You don't have to worry about Blue Host's services, because there is a 30-day guarantee with a money-back guarantee. Cpanel Blue Host is perfect for online business people who want to build a website that is more widely known. Blue Host also provides a complete and easy-to-understand video guide.

Currently, Blue Host is the first provider to provide a complete video tutorial service. However, the given load time is still slower than other overseas hosts. Website migration is also not available for free; you have to pay for the service, which costs around $149.99.

4. Site ground

Site Ground is one of the best web hosting providers in the world. The reason is that this hosting has won the trust of WordPress with various quality features and services. Site Ground is highly recommended for those of you who want to use overseas hosting.

This best provider has various advantages, one of which is fast and good load times. Coupled with very affordable and cheap hosting prices, even from abroad, There are many other advantages that Site Ground provides for its customers.

Site Ground also has good and satisfying uptime. If there is a problem with hosting, you can ask Customer Service. The response given is much faster than that of other providers. This is an advantage that customers pay the most attention to.

The Site Ground team is ready to provide friendly, fast, and precise service. You don't have to worry if the website has problems. If you are interested in foreign hosting on this one, you can visit the Site Ground website directly and consult according to your wishes.

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5. HostGator

In addition, there is another recommended overseas hosting provider, namely Host Gator. Host Gator services include the best hosting lineup with servers in the United States. No wonder the quality provided is no less interesting and special than that of other providers.

Host Gator has complete and sophisticated tools. One of them is to install WordPress easily and quickly, just one click away. Even Host Gator can support your website very quickly.

Host Gator provides a server known as Nginx. The server is ready to increase website traffic and manage it optimally. There are still many advantages to Host Gator that you can feel by visiting the official Host Gator website.

6. Dream Host

WordPress also recommends DreamHost as the best web host. This overseas hosting provider has good quality and service. Even Dream Host already provides a free domain through its service. You do not need to incur additional costs while the hosting used is still active.

Dream Host also provides SSL for free to keep the website secure. The bandwidth capacity provided is also quite large, so the website does not easily go down when there are many visitors.

With this unlimited bandwidth service, you can increase website traffic without making visitors run away. Because the website can be accessed easily, it offers maximum data storage. Dream Host is perfect for those of you who want to build a website for business or so on.

There are many domestic and foreign web hosting providers that you can use. Your website can compete with other websites; you don't need to be afraid of being down if there are many visitors. Because all the hosting services provided are equipped with a wide and adequate capacity,