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List of the Best Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

List of the Best Dental Insurance - The best dental insurance in Indonesia, what's the list of recommendations? You will find it here soon.

For information, in health insurance, various kinds of benefits are covered, one of which is teeth, which play a vital role in the health of the body.

Therefore, buying insurance on this one can certainly be a good solution. Are you curious about the recommendations? Check it out in the review below.

What is Dental Insurance?

Basically, dental insurance is a type of coverage that will cover the cost of dental care, usually covering basic, complex, and installation of dentures. In addition, this insurance can also cover the treatment of cavities, implants, and tooth loss.

If you have this insurance, it will help you manage dental care costs so that you can maintain healthy teeth without having to have trouble getting the best care, especially since the cost of dental care itself cannot be called cheap.

Typically, this type of insurance is obtained from additional benefits (rider) of health insurance. That is, you have to buy health insurance first to be able to get the benefits of this insurance later

The Importance of Dental Insurance

This insurance is very important to have because you never know when a toothache can strike. Therefore, it is very important to have access to dental care when you need it.

Besides being able to save money, this insurance can also help you prevent more serious problems, with regular cleaning and inspection schedules at a much lower cost.

Dental Insurance Category

Typically, this insurance in Indonesia is included in the health insurance policy as an additional or rider benefit. However, there is also dental coverage that stands alone without having to buy health insurance. Here's the review.

Health + Dental Insurance

This is dental coverage, an added benefit (rider) of health insurance. This category is perfect for those of you who don't have health insurance because with this you don't have to bother looking for health and dental policies separately.

Polis Stand Alone

Stand-aloneStand-alone is a policy that is not supported by a basic health insurance policy or the like. This category is right for those of you who already have health insurance, but don't cover dental treatment, or for those of you who want an even bigger dental care ceiling. is a policy that is not

Types of Dental Insurance

There are three main different benefits offered by this type of insurance, namely basic care, complex care, and installation of dentures. That way, you can get comprehensive dental care according to the problems you have. Here's the breakdown.

Basic Care

This type of basic treatment is known to cover the cost of basic dental care, for example filling cavities, cleaning tartar, repairing tooth roots, and tooth extractions.

Major Care

This type takes care of dental problems that require special protection, such as surgery or dental surgery and dental implants. Usually, the benefits given to policyholders in this type are those who have an accident and need action because they have severe damage to their teeth.

 supported by a basic health insurance policy or the like. This category is right for those of you who already have health insurance, but don't cover dental treatment, or for those of you who want an even bigger dental care ceiling.

False Teeth Installation 

For information, the installation of dentures is still included in the insurance coverage, but this type of insurance can only be claimed by policyholders who have received a recommendation from a doctor to use dentures. Therefore, you are required to have a prescription/doctor's cover letter to make a claim for coverage for dentures.

Best Dental Insurance Recommendations

The following is a list of options or recommendations that you can consider.

1. AXA Mandiri Prima Health Insurance

AXA Mandiri has health insurance called Prima Health which provides additional benefits for dental protection, both primary and complex care, as well as the installation of dentures.


  • Basic dental care costs: bear the costs of basic dental care performed by dentists, including dental fillings, tooth extraction without surgery, swelling treatment, root canal treatment, dental treatment including curettage, and tartar cleaning. Including consultation fees, procedures, tools, medicines, supporting examinations, and administrative costs.
  • Complex dental treatment costs: bear the costs of complex dental treatments performed by dentists, including surgery. Including consultation fees, procedures, tools, medicines, supporting examinations, and administrative costs.
  • Denture costs: provide reimbursement for dentures made by dentists, including partial or full dentures. Including consultation fees, procedures, tools, medicines, supporting examinations, and administrative costs.

2. Allianz SmartHealth Maxi Violet

The health insurance product from Allianz called SmartHealth Maxi Violet has basic inpatient benefits accompanied by additional benefits in the form of outpatient care, dental care, and childbirth. The dental care it offers includes:

  • Outpatient and emergency dental care due to accidents
  • Dental care for prevention, maximum two visits per year
  • Basic dental care
  • Complex dental care
  • Installation of dentures

3. Jagadiri Insurance Take Care of My Smile

Jagadiri also has a dental coverage product called Jaga Senyumku, which offers complete protection for teeth. With enough premiums starting from IDR 88 thousand per month, policy owners can get various benefits as follows:

The benefits of tooth conservation: protecting teeth for medically necessary preventive measures and/or treatment of all dental tissues, including enamel, dentin, pulp, and roots. The maximum use of this benefit is twice a year without any provision for the time interval per visit.

Accidental dental treatment benefit: pays for dental treatment benefits including the manufacture of dentures as a result of an accident that occurs within 48 hours of the accident.

Benefits of tartar cleaning: pay for tartar cleaning benefits a maximum of 2 times in one policy year with an interval of no less than 6 months.

Benefits of tooth extraction: cover the cost of a tooth extraction with a maximum of 2 times in one policy year without any intervals per visit.

Benefits of consulting a doctor: providing compensation for the services offered by the dentist regarding problems in the dental and oral cavities, and also includes prescribing drugs either caused by illness or accident with a maximum of 2 times a year without a stipulation of time intervals per visit.

4. Cigna Healthy Smile Insurance

Healthy Smile is Cigna's dental health protection product, with premiums starting from IDR 180,000 per month. Healthy Smiles has the advantage of a cashless service that makes it easier for customers to enjoy this insurance.

You also only need to show your membership card at 700 Cigna partner hospital networks so you can get dental care, such as cleaning and routine dental checks, both at home and abroad.

Other benefits:

  • Prevention (preventive care), such as cleaning tartar
  • Basic care, such as dental fillings and tooth extraction
  • Aesthetic treatment and major care, such as making bridges (dental care) and dental care due to accidents
  • Benefits of discounted shopping at merchants and dental treatment at partner clinics
  • Premium discount of 10% for one-year payment

5. Jasindo Health Insurance

Jasindo Health offers health benefits that are very comprehensive and complete, such as guarantees for hospitalization, outpatient care, dental care, childbirth, replacement of glasses, and medical check-ups.

Another advantage of Jasindo's products is that the insurance policy can be adjusted according to your needs. The method used is indemnity, which means you can go straight to the hospital without a doctor's referral.

So many reviews about dental insurance that you need to know. Let's buy the product right now!

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