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The Best Online Health Insurance for 2022, Check Out the List!

The Best Online Health Insurance for 2022, Check Out the List!

Online health insurance - what are the lists of the best recommendations for 2022? Let's listen here!

Health insurance alias Askes is a policy that provides complete benefits and high insurance limits with affordable premiums. 

Currently, there is online health insurance that will make it easier for you to buy insurance products from well-known insurance companies in Indonesia.

It should also be known, the benefits of health insurance, namely as a form of coverage for medical expenses or health care in hospitals and other medical services. The following is a complete review:

What is Online Health Insurance?

Online health insurance is insurance that guarantees the health or care costs of insurance participants when they fall sick or have an accident, with insurance products you can buy online.

Askes will cover the cost of treatment while the insurance participant is sick or suffers from an accident. In addition, Askes will also cover inpatient and outpatient costs, including medicines.

Types of Health Insurance Online

There are quite several types of health insurance offered in Indonesia. Here are the types of insurance that you can choose according to your needs:

  1. Individual health insurance
  2. Family health insurance
  3. Parents health insurance
  4. Employee health insurance
  5. Hospital cash plan insurance
  6. Sharia health insurance

List of the Best Health Insurance in Indonesia 2022

1. Healthy Protection Cigna

The Cigna Insurance company is a company from the United States that provides several types of the best individual and family health insurance variants. 

Here, one of the best access recommendations from Cigna Health Insurance, namely Cigna Proteksi Sehat provides health protection for yourself, your spouse, and your children. 


  • Reimbursement for daily hospitalization costs of IDR 300 thousand to IDR 1.5 million per day
  • Reimbursement of surgical costs ranging from IDR 3 million to IDR 15 million per event
  • The speedy claim service is only 30 minutes for hospitalization claims and 45 minutes for death claims
  • Ambulance service for emergency evacuation

2. Astra Garda Healthtech

This is the best and cheapest health insurance product from Asuransi Astra with very attractive benefits.

Garda Healthtech is known to have collaborated with Halodoc so it will make it easier for you to consult with doctors online.

Coverage benefits:

  • Premiums start at IDR 500,000 per year
  • Benefits up to IDR 3.2 million
  • Online consultation 14 times on the Halodoc application
  • Coverage for drug prescription costs (online and face-to-face)
  • 7 face-to-face consultations with referrals from general practitioners or specialists
  • Drug delivery costs
  • Three package options can be tailored to your needs
  • Easy cashless claims through the Halodoc application

3. AXA Mandiri Smartcare Executive

To note, the AXA Mandiri Insurance company comes with a choice of policies with very complete benefits.

Askes from AXA provides health insurance benefits, outpatient care, and compensation for death due to accidents.

AXA Mandiri Smartcare Executive is a hospital cash plan insurance that provides daily compensation for hospitalization.

Coverage benefits:

  • Daily cash compensation for hospitalization due to illness or accident
  • Permanent disability compensation up to death and funeral due to accidents
  • Simple health selection, namely answering simple questions related to health without the need to do a medical check-up
  • The way to pay for AXA Insurance can start from monthly to yearly

4. Lippo HealthPlus Family

This is one of the best family health insurance that provides solutions for the right health protection needs for you and your family with very affordable premiums.

Coverage benefits:

  • Customer entry age: 0—60 years
  • The policy can be extended up to 65 years
  • One policy for all family members at once
  • Bear hospitalization costs according to hospital bills
  • Coverage for room costs IDR 550,000—IDR 1.4 million per day
  • Annual benefit limit of IDR 150—IDR 300 million
  • It has 884 partner hospitals spread across Indonesia

5. AIA Hospital & Surgical Protection

AIA is a company from Hong Kong that started operating in Indonesia in 1983 and has become one of the best insurance companies in Indonesia.

The best AIA health insurance product, namely Hospital & Surgical Protection, guarantees reimbursement of medical treatment costs at the hospital and the main benefits of hospitalization and surgery overseas.


  • Age of entry: 0—70 years
  • Guaranteed 2/4 bed inpatient room at the lowest price
  • Cover customers up to the age of 88 years
  • Coverage for medical costs according to the bill
  • Claims can be made cashless
  • Insurance applies both inside and outside the country. 

6. Manulife MiUltimate HealthCare

Manulife is a Canadian company that entered Indonesia in 1989. Being one of the best health insurance companies in Indonesia, Manulife has approximately 2.5 million customers and offers some of the best cashless health insurance products, such as MiUltimate HealthCare (MiUHC).

This policy will cover the costs of hospitalization, surgery, dental care, maternity insurance, as well as customer psychological consultation which can be claimed throughout Indonesia and abroad. 

Coverage benefits:

  • Main customer entry age: 18—70 years
  • Child customer entry age: 30 days—17 years
  • Coverage for inpatient hospital rooms in Indonesia and Malaysia starts from IDR 500,000 to IDR 3 million per day
  • Coverage for inpatient hospital rooms outside Indonesia and Malaysia starts from IDR 3 million to IDR 9 million
  • ICU room fee coverage according to the bill
  • Doctor visit fee coverage according to the bill
  • Coverage for specialist doctor visits according to the bill
  • Coverage for surgical expenses according to the bill
  • Coverage for accommodation costs for the companion of the insured child starts from IDR 500,000 – IDR 1.2 million per day
  • Coverage for psychological counseling costs starts from IDR 1 million—IDR 2.5 million per year
  • Manulife MiUltimate HealthCare can be used up to Malaysia

7. Allianz SmartHealth Maxi Violet

This is one of the best health insurance that must be considered. Superior in several aspects, Allianz has the best health protection product, namely SmartHealth Maxi Violet.

This Askes provides a no-claim bonus benefit, which means that the Allianz premium that has been paid will be returned 20 percent if there is no claim. 

In addition, Allianz SmartHealth Maxi Violet insurance also offers eight types of plans to choose from according to your needs, with hospitalization benefits of up to IDR 1 million per day.

8. Prudential PRU Prime HealthCare Plus

Present in Indonesia since 1995, Prudential offers one of the best outpatient health insurance, namely PRUprime Healthcare Plus which provides coverage for hospitalization costs with protection up to the age of 99. 

This policy is an additional or rider benefit of Prudential's life insurance namely New Generation PRUlink.

To get it, you have to buy a life insurance product first. However, if you already have a family, there's nothing wrong with buying this product because your family needs financial protection from the risk of the death of their backbone.

Coverage benefits:

  • Main customer entry age: 1—65 years
  • Prudential Insurance Policy can be extended up to 99 years
  • Coverage for hospital room and accommodation costs up to IDR 10 million per day
  • Companion expense coverage
  • Annual benefit limit up to IDR 65 billion
  • Benefit benefits for grief and HIV/AIDS up to IDR 15 million
  • The insurance policy can be used worldwide except in the United States

So many reviews about online health insurance that you need to know. May be useful.